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Somos colegas

At Yahara House staff and members work together as colleagues to complete the work of the Clubhouse. Rather than "client" or "patient," we say member to emphasize the sense of belonging in our community. We are not a clinic, as Yahara House leans away from the hierarchical structure of most mental health programs and instead treats members and staffs as equals as colleagues.

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All members have equal access to every Clubhouse opportunity with no differentiation based on diagnosis, level of functioning, or identity.

"We are a community of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Yahara House embraces our diverse community and strives to provide an equitable and inclusive environment."

-YH Member

"Here at YH, we recognize that supporting diversity and engagement is the right thing to do, regardless of where we come from, who we love, and what we look like. Members courageously tell their own stories of impact by sharing their opinions and experiences. We ensure that YH continues to thrive, value, and promote diversity, equity and inclusion in every aspect of our Clubhouse community."

-Felicia B., YH Member since 2009

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