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Why Members Choose Yahara House

   “I need the daily structure and routine that Clubhouse gives me.”

     - Anonymous Yahara House member


     “Yahara House is more than just a building; it is a community.”

     - Yahara House member Jerome H.


     “I feel like I am part of this community and that people care that I am here. If I don’t show up someone will wonder where I am and if I am okay.”

     - Anonymous Yahara House member  


     “I think it’s wonderful. The staff and members are wonderful. The staff are really helpful when I need help. If I didn’t have the Yahara House, I’d probably be out there drinking and going drugs and getting into trouble. And my mental health wouldn’t be doing as well as it is.”

     - Yahara House member Karla K.


     “For me it feels like a family when I come here. The connection with people is important to me because I’m so isolated at home. And I know I’m wanted here. There’s work that needs to be done and it feels good when colleagues ask me for my help or for my input. It helps me recognize how much I'm needed.”

     - Anonymous Yahara House member


     “I look forward to coming into the Yahara House. I feel good about myself when I am here and working at the reception desk. I like being able to talk to anyone who stops by and just have a conversation.”

     - Anonymous Yahara House member


     “I get support from the Dual Recovery Anonymous group at Yahara House. I can get support and feedback from people with similar experiences. It keeps me energized to keep walking the path of recovery.”

     - Yahara House member Rick P.

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