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Our Mission

Yahara House's mission is to transform the lives of people living with mental illness by replacing despair, stigma, and isolation with hope, dignity, and community.

Our Vision

At Yahara House, we envision a future in which people living with mental illness realize their dreams.

Yahara House Guarantees:

  • A right to a place to come

  • A right to meaningful work

  • A right to meaningful relationships

  • A right to a place to return

Learn more about what makes Yahara House Madison's best kept secret:

Meaningful Work 

Members and staff work together as colleagues to run the Clubhouse. Open Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm colleagues work side-by-side during the Work-Ordered Day.

Meaningful Relationships

Members have the opportunity to build community through social events and recreational activities.


Members have opportunities to engage in or return to paid employment through Transitional Employment, Supported Employment, and Independent Employment programs. 


Yahara House (YH) is a Program of Journey Mental Health (Journey), and has been affiliated with Clubhouse International since our first Clubhouse Accreditation in 2001.

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