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Yahara House: Work and Community


Yahara House's (YH) mission is to transform the lives of people living with mental illness by replacing despair, stigma, and isolation with hope, dignity, and community. YH is a community of members who are working together to achieve some common goals, including:  



1) completing educational and employment goals.  

2) developing self-esteem, confidence, and coping strategies.  

3) finding and securing resources - such as affordable housing, primary care services; and  

4) living a life of respect and independence within the members’ larger community.  


YH is an evidence-based, community mental health program that focuses on recovery through social connection, meaningful activity, and reintroduction to community employment. Open and accessible to program participants (members) 40 hours a week, plus holidays and monthly evening and weekend social activities, YH offers a place for adults with mental illness to belong in a stigma-free environment. The program guarantees each person a right to a place to come, a right to meaningful work, a right to meaningful relationships, and a right to a place to return.


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