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Working with Yahara House

The benefits of being a TEP employment partner:

100% absence coverage, free of charge! Whenver the employee cannot come to work, one of the job coaches works the shif.t This is one of the reasons that the Wall Street Journal said that employers who participate in a TEP program are “doing a good deed that is also a good deal.”


Reduced training costs because of Yahara House’s on-the-job training and work to ensure performance standards are met. Job coaches choose the employees and coach them until they are performing up to expectations. Employees are paid the prevailing wage and sumit to the same rquierments as other employees.


Solves unexpected turnover by providng pre-screened employees eager for the opporunityt work and supported by our professional staff. Every six to nine months the job coahches choose a new employee to training the position.


Fill part-time needs with TEP position that run from 4 to 30 horus per week on Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm.



“The Yahara House staff saves time and operation expeses of developing the job descriptions, training workers, coaching the workers and covering the shifts. There is no need for position advertising expenses, interviewing, refence checking, performance reviews, or supervision time taken.” – Journey Mental Health

The benefits of being a Supported Employment Partner:


A permanent, competitive solution to your employment needs.

Qualified employees who have often been successful in transitional employment placements. They are pre-screened and eager to work.


Flexible scheduling with Yahara House staff supporting members in getting part-time or full-tine work on most schedules.


Job coaching is provided for the member when they start the job as needed untili the member feels confident working independently.


Help someone achieve permanent competitive employment.


“The coaches are conscientious of our staffing needs, and are proactive in providing us with coverage when shifts become available.” – UW Memorial Union

Contact us at the contact information below - ask for Job Squad - to hire or for more information

What our Employment Partners have to say:

“The employees that I have worked with bring a great deal of dependability, reliability, desire to do a good job, and capable experiences to the position. Thus far they are eager to be a part of the team. Being a part of a plan to offer employment opportunities for those wishing to rejoin the workforce has been a wonderful opportunity. Watching a person grow, revelop self confidence, experience self worth, and be needed and appreciated is a tremendous reward.” – Journy Mental Health Center



“Yahara House has filled our hearts and community by working alongside team members who are kind, willing and dedicated to helping us shine. We are so grateful for the opportunity to grow our salon company with Yahara House as a partner.” – Union Hair Parlor


“Yahara House strives to meet our needs by taking time to understand the position so they can find the best applicant; working wit hour scheduling needs in establishing the duration of the TEP; working with new employees to help htem learn the job and meet expectations; and frequently checking for feedback and offering support. We have had a great experience with the employees selected to work in our office. They’ve shared some great qualities: hard-working, frequently volunteering, reliable, punctual, attentive to detail, grateful. In addition, through this program we have been able to have employees of all different ages, backgrounds, and life experiences, thus adding diversity to the office. The program does a lot of good helping people gain work experience, but moreover, it helps our organization provide quality service.” – Wisconsin State Assembly Testimonial


“Our experience with Yahara House TEP program has been wonderful. They have been a true partner throughout the process. Our TEP employees take on administrative duties that save our pharmacy staff valuable time. The employees are consistently on time, friendly, and attentive. Whenever there are questions or concerns on my end, I feel comfortable bringing those concerns to the Yahara House job coaches assigned to our site and I am always pleased with the timely response that I receive. They understand the needs of our business, and do their best to ensure that there is never a gap in performance, even when the TEP employee is unable to show up for work. We apprciate all that this program has offered us, and look forward to working with them for years to come!” – Genoa Pharmacy


“We have had the pleasure of working with a variety of employees over the years and they have proven their reliability, are prompt and ready at the start of their shifts, eager to learn, and have a willingness to provide any assistance needed. AS we are in a fast-paced environment, we greatly appreciate that the employees can work independently and diligently throughout the shifts. We are especially inpressed by the role that YH coaches play: regular check-ins to us, and the employees, including personalized training for new employees. We appreciate that if we have any questions or concern we can contact any of the coaches and always receive a quick response. Coaches and employees from Yahara House have build a great working relationship with Memorial Union Restaurants. We have worked with other organizations over the years, and would highly recommend Yahara House above all.” – UW-Madison, Memorial Union

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