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Give, Volunteer, Hire, Apply

Purchase Scott Hansen's Art

Information on how to purchase artworks is pending.  Scott Hansen was a longtime member of Yahara House, whose family left his artwork to fund Yahara House.

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Give To The Merc

The Merc is Yahara House's shop for gently used clothing, preferably appropriate for work. Clothes do not have to be in season.  Just drop them off at Yahara House, 802 E. Gorham.  Leave your name and address so we can  send your receipt for tax purposes.  Please leave tags inside. 

Donate Funds

To donate funds to Yahara House, Use the red "Donate" button above.  All funds go to assist Yahara House members dealing with the consequences of poverty.  Funds provide an annual life improvement grant to each member to assist with common expenses, new equipment for the House, and recreational events each month and a work and education support dinner held monthly.  If you would like to donate by check, make it payable to Friends of Yahara House and send to Yahara House, 802 E Gorham, Madison, WI  53703.


Do you have special skills to help at Yahara House?  If you would like to volunteer here, call Yahara House and mention you would like to volunteer.  Let us know what type of work you would like to do.  If you are eligible for membership, schedule a tour by calling 608-280-4700 and fill in an application while you are here.

Want to Hire a Yahara House Member?

We have three types of employment: Independent Employment, Supported Employment, and Transitional Employment Placements.  These are described in detail on the For Employers, Employer Testimonials, Supported Employment and Transitional Employment sections under the "Employment" tab.  To move forward with finding a Yahara House member for your company, call 608-280-4700 and leave a message for Job Squad.

Apply For a Job

Yahara House employment opportunities are filled through our auspice agency, Journey Mental Health Center.  They list openings on their website. We are currently hiring for Clubhouse Generalists, with the employment description on Journey's site  Clubhouse Generalist is an entry-level job and does not require previous Clubhouse experience.  Employment opportunities are also listed with

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