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After Hours 

In addition to work opportunities, Yahara House provides evening, weekend, and holiday social and recreational programming. Members and staff work together to organize structured and non-structured social activities. These activities are scheduled outside of the work-ordered day.

Life-Enhancement Programming

Creative Self-Expressions meets to plan and do creative art projects together, such as crocheting, paper quilling, making t-shirts, candle making, soap making, and more! 

Jam Group is open to members, associate members, and staff who are willing to participate in playing music together. This includes singing, drumming, percussion, guitar, keyboards, and dancing!

Pewter Casting May 2021
Yahara House at Olbrich Gardens
Karla K. at Olbrich Gardens


Each department takes turns hosting a monthly recreational event, typically scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday from 12-3pm. Some examples include going to the zoo, going to museums, bowling, going to movies, going to local festivals, and so much more!


Rec Events

Halloween Party Rec Event

Burger Cook-off

Burger Hat Photo.jpg
Burger Master James

The Burger Cook off is an annual event where staff and members make up four teams: two meat and two vegetarian.  We also have a sides team that doesn't compete in the cook off but add delicious sides such as fries or onion rings.  We close down all departments for the day and get ingredients ready to grill outside.  Colleagues (members and staff) pay only one dollar for a sample of each burger and a side.  Everyone votes on the best burger and the winner is crowned with our famous burger hat!


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